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Leaves - Photoshop User's Design Kit


  • 40 Photoshop leaf brushes - 10 sets of 4 brushes that work together to create a unique finished look
  • 62 character font ,that makes creating leaf borders or graphic elements as easy as typing a few letter
  • 10 full color high resolution leaf images, that are up to 3000 pixels tall or wide - these images are royality free
  • Matching EPS leaf outlines allow you to work at sizes larger than 2500 pixel, import into Indesign or edit in Adobe Illustrator.

All Leaves elements are high resolution and high quality, ready to be used for personal and commercial use. Read our License Agreement for details.

Ideas for use:

  • Create focused green and eco friendly designs
  • Photographers can use to create seasonal elements, frames and borders
  • Add leaves to a print project by simply placing one or more of the EPS or PSD files in your Indesign or Quark Xpress document
  • Great way to add a fall/autum, spring or summer flavor to scrapbook pages
  • Add a nature flavor to a family portrait for an attractive and useful holiday

Leaves is everything you need:

Everything you need to create a "green" themed design, a fall seasonal photo montage or any idea that calls for a single leaf or more leaves you can count.

This product is a true design tool kit. All the elements are created from the same 10 leaves as sources. What that means is they not only work together, they work perfectly together. These brushes or EPS files provide a fast way for designers to add a seasonal or green flavor to your design or project.

Professional artists and designers will appreciate all the ways you can combine these elements or use a single one for a simple elegant logo design.

Scrapbookers can create beautiful and complex page designs with a few clicks. Thousands of uses equal thousands of ideas!

Images include a clipping path and are compatible with Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, Photoshop Elements 2 and newer, GIMP 2.2.6+ as well as any program that supports the import or placement of PSD file (such as Indesign & Quark Xpress)

EPS files are compatible with Adobe Illustrator 3 and newer as well as any program that supports the import or placement of EPS file (such as Indesign & Quark Xpress)