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2013 Annual Calendars Available at 20% off

on August 06, 2012

The new 2013 calendar brushes, EPS and new layer shape PSD is now available. And better yet, you can get them now for 20% off - just use the coupon code TWENTYOFF when you check out (discount coupon offer expires 08.24.12). The new 2013 calendars includes 50 calendar styles, a product catalog with design details. There's also a new tutorial that show you how to take advantage of the the shape layer calendars.

How to Open a .zip File on a Windows PC or an Apple Mac

on August 05, 2012

Since all the free and products available on PhotoshopIsland are delivered in the form of a .ZIP file I thought it might be helpful if I provided some detailed information regarding working with .ZIP files.

Compressed (.zip) files make transferring information across the Internet quicker and easier than with their full-size counterparts. Opening a .zip file is easy once you know the process, but if you do not, you can be left with a useless file. Following these simple steps will get you viewing and using those .zip files with just a couple of clicks.
Opening a .zip File on a Windows PC
Navigate to the location your file is stored. If you downloaded the file, it will most likely be in your Downloads folder. Once you have located the file, right-click on it and select “Extract All” from the menu. A dialog box will open up to allow you to specify where you want your files extracted to. If you do not specify a location, the files will be extracted in the same folder the original .zip file is located.
In that same dialog box, if you leave the option “Show extracted files when complete” checked, a new window will open that contains the files when you click “Extract.” From there, you can use, view or alter the files just like other Windows files.
Opening a .zip File on an Apple Mac
Locate your .zip file and double-click it to begin the extraction process. The extracted files will be located in the same directory as the original file. If double-clicking does not work, secondary click (by pressing CTRL + click or by two-finger clicking on the mouse pad, depending on your configuration) on the .zip file, select “Get Info,” and then “Open With.” Select “” and your file will be extracted. In that same screen, you can select “change all” to set all .zip files to open with Archive Utility in the future. This will allow you to open future .zip files by double-clicking.
Opening .zip files on a Windows PC or an Apple Mac is a simple process that allows you to view, use and edit files in just a couple of clicks. Since many files downloaded on the Internet come in .zip format, knowing how to open these files can help you make the most of your file sharing experience.

New FREEBIE & Sample - 2013 Calendar Cowboy Style

on July 28, 2012

Get ready for 2013 in western style! I just posted this new cowboy style 2013 calendar. The freebie is part of the PhotoshopIsland 2013 Annual Calendar Brushes, EPS & PSD product. The download includes 2500 pixels brushes compatible with Photoshop 7 and later & Photoshop Elements 2 and later as well as the very high resolution 5000 pixels brushes compatible with the just released Photoshop CS 6. There's also a layered PSD with the calendar as a Shape Layer. If those elements don't cover all your needs try the included EPS file which allow you to include calendars on higher resolution images, import into Indesign or edit in Adobe Illustrator.

If you need more calendar design options please consider the PhotoshopIsland 2013 Annual Calendar Brushes, EPS & PSD product.

Download the free 2013 calendar here!

New Hollywood Style Award Winner Photo Template

on July 12, 2012

This new PhotoshopIsland freebie is a rescue of a freebie from my old blog. This is a Photoshop high resolution layered template in a Hollywood styled award winner design. It's easy to drop in your own image or completely change it up. Note: Uses CinemaDemibold that can be downloaded here.

Download here! Updated

on June 30, 2012
Welcome to the updated Today I launched a new version of with some design enhancements. The design changes were made to move the visual focus on the PhotoshopIsland freebies and products and away of the design of the site itself.
Additionally, the site is now on a completely new and faster server. I hope that upgrade enhances your experience when visiting 
In addition to the new server, you also all will notice a new product page in the near future as new products are launched and old products are updated with the new look. 
I’d appreciate your help if you notice any problems in the form of bad links, broken images or misinformation on the site. Just drop me an email and let me know:
I trust you'll enjoy the new site.

Free JUNE 2012 BASEBALL CD Case Calendar

on May 31, 2012

Free JUNE 2012 BASEBALL CD Case CalendarJune is time for the boys of summer.  This June 2012 calendar template is in perfect begining of the summer season. It's a layered PSD and TIF plus there's an easy to follow tutorial! Includes a Photoshop template and a simplified .TIF version. Keep the PhotoshopIsland calendar design or add your image/design.Need a different month calendar or style? Check out these monthly calendar brushes. The easy to follow recycled cd case monthly calendar video tutorial shows how to make the calendar design in Photoshop. The tutorial also shows how to removed recycled CD case inserts, flip the case lid and insert your new calendar.

Download it here!

New freebie: 6 High Rez Vintage Postage Cancellations PS Brushes

on May 30, 2012

6 High Rez Vintage Postage Cancellations PS BrushesThis new freebie is a set of 6 High Rez Vintage Postage Cancellations PS Brushes. They are a perfect compliment to the Postage Stamp-Themed Photoshop Brushes Vol. 1.1. The brushes are grungy, gritty and vintage. This package includes two sets of brushes. One set is 2500 x 2500 pixels and compatible with Photoshop 7 to CS5, PS Elements 2 and newer, GIMP 2.2.6+. A second set is super high resolution 5000 x 5000 and compatible with the larger brush size allowed by Photoshop CS6.

Get this Photoshop brush set here!

35 Years of Star Wars!

on May 25, 2012

The very first Star Wars movie was released 35 years ago today and changed the world. Happy 35th Birthday Star Wars!

PRINT: The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

on May 23, 2012

end of print?John McWade’s blog post yesterday called “The vanishing master” inspired me to write down some thoughts of my own regarding the state of print graphic design. What follows are my thoughts and comment to Mr. McWade.
Let’s stop the doleful talk and embrace the future. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen for years that ‘print is not going away.’ Yes there will be less print. That’s already happening. There is no question about that. But print is not going to die. Additionally, I don’t think the print graphic design masters will go away.  They’ll be less demand hence less need for the skill in the marketplace. I think print is going to gracefully age into a premium or a specialty communication. Marketers will want to use print to get their client’s target attention. Because there will be less print around it will be special. I think that you will see print heading back to some of the finer, refined, higher end printed design pieces but very limited in distribution and quantity.
There’ll be some book subject matter that just won’t have the same impact digitally.  So in the long term, yes the masters in this universe are shrinking.  But I don’t see it going completely away.  I think you’ll see some kind of interesting resurgent just like you’ve seen with vinyl LPs where people appreciate that there’s something special about it, that there’s something different than the digital way of hearing music or in this case interacting with communications (or is this already happening?).
I personally love books and print. I love the ink on paper so I keep buying books and saving printed samples. I’m sure there are many others like me. I enjoy seeing fine typesetting and pictures printed on paper. There will always be some people like me!
Note: I used the 100 Skulls, Bones, Skeletons & Eyeballs Brushes product in the designing of the book cover for this post.

New Vote Button Layered Photoshop Freebie

on May 19, 2012

layered photoshop vote buttonIt's red, white and blue time! In celebration of a big election year this new freebie is a glossy vote button layered Photoshop file. All the elements are layered so you can easily customize and change it up. The file size is high resolution and includes .PSD and simplified layered .TIF files. The font used is Designer Notes - it's included in the download. 

New Cardboard Sign Layered Photoshop Freebie

on May 03, 2012

This new freebie is a grungy torn piece of cardboard layered Photoshop file. The type is a layer with a layer styler appled so ou can easily customize the messages on the sign. Or use the grungy cardboard as a graphic element in your web and graphic designs. The source file size is high resolution from a Canon 5D Mark II, so it’s very large. If the file is too large for your use, reduce the image size first for easier editing. Includes .PSD and .TIF files. The font used is Designer Notes - it's included in the download. There's a complete family of Designer Notes Pro available here.

Get the free cardboard sign here.

Free May 2012 Stunt Planes CD Case Calendar

on May 01, 2012

May Day new Freebie! It's time to fly into May with some aerobaticstunts and tricks with this May 2012 layered calendar template. This is a layered PSD and TIF plus there's an easy to follow tutorial! Includes a Photoshop template and a simplified .TIF version. Keep the PhotoshopIsland calendar design or add your image/design.Need a different month calendar or style? Check out these monthly calendar brushes. The easy to follow recycled cd case monthly calendar video tutorial shows how to make the calendar design in Photoshop. The tutorial also shows how to removed recycled CD case inserts, flip the case lid and insert your new calendar. Download here.

Best Deal On Adobe Creative Suite 6 Ends May 6th, 2012

on April 30, 2012
This is an addendum to my blog post last week regarding upgrade options for Adobe’s new Adobe Creative Suite 6. If you are a member of The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) you are entitled to a 15% discount on the purchase of Adobe products. The best deal I could put together for example: Purchase the Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium upgrade (getting the Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium for free when it’s released on May 7th) with the application of the 15% NAPP discount. NOTE: This applies to people who own Versions older than 5.5 of the Adobe Creative Suite.
I think this is a super deal and it’s available through a very limited time window. To qualify for the very best price you must purchase your Creative Suite 5.5 upgrade before May 6, 2012.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Upgrade - What to do?

on April 27, 2012

Hello, PhotoshopIsland friends and fans.  As you may or may not know, Adobe has announced the release of Adobe Creative Suite 6 - that includes upgrades of all of their main programs like Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash etc. The entire Creative Suite actually encompasses a lot more than just those programs but you get the idea. Let me say up front that I currently own the Adobe Creative Suite  5 Master Collection (not 5.5 - see it’s already getting confusing) so that’s my perspective. Additionally, prices and info are for Adobe's U.S.

I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure that you are aware of Adobe's pricing for the Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS 6). The new pricing is interesting. There are some limited time options to get the best pricing, so let's jump in look at the options. 
Until May 6th, 2012, you can purchase a new or upgrade (if you qualify) version CS 5.5 Design, Web or Master Collection and you will receive the CS Creative Suite 6 upgrade for free.  
Also, Adobe is now offering a subscription option that they call Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud subscription option has some different pricing options as well. One important fact about the subscription is that it includes the full Creative Suite Master Collection - so you have access to every Creative Suite product Adobe makes. The basic pricing paid annually (up front) is $49.99 a month or about $600 a year. If you are already a CS owner you can get a special discount the first year of $29.99 a month paid annually (up front) or about $360. After the first year the price goes up to $49.99 a month. Or you can subscribe to the Creative Cloud by the month (no advanced payment) and pay $74.99 monthly or about $900 a year.
Keep in mind that the Creative Cloud is a subscription, not a one-time price for a  particular version of the Creative Suite. So if you stop paying for the subscription your software stops working (I confirmed that with Adobe). If you run these numbers and you start looking at it, you can see that you basically are going to end up paying the same price for an upgrade or the subscription.  The interesting thing about this is that Adobe has publicly said many times that their product development cycle is 18 months to 2 years.  Most likely there will not be an upgrade during your annual subscription unless you figure out how to time it. And even if you think you know the upgrade cycle, Adobe can change it anytime they want. If it were a two year cycle, you could pay for two years' worth of Creative Cloud and only get one upgrade, so you would pay $1,200.00 over that 2 year time period.  
I don't quite understand why Adobe has not made one of the options more appealing, but it appears that if you purchase the Creative Suite, it's a little bit better deal unless Adobe plans on updating their software and charging for updates on a less than annual basis. That's certainly a possibility but not anything I'm aware of that Adobe has stated publicly.
I’m interested in upgrading to CS 6. I’ve been using the Photoshop CS6 beta since it was release and it’s a must have for me. I’ve decided that the best deal for me is purchasing the Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium upgrade and getting the Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium for free when it’s released on May 6th.
My suggestion is to run the numbers yourself and decide what works best for you.

Quick Easter Greeting OR Gift Card

on April 06, 2012

Is the Easter Bunny stopping by your house? Need a customized greeting card? Or want to make a special personal Easter-themed gift card? can help with this quick Easter gift card layered PSD. Just customize your message, print and fold. Comes with layered PSD and simplified TIF files so you can edit and change it up as desired. Get this freebie here!