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New Iron Grunge Fonts & Brushes Available

on January 26, 2010

iron-grunge-launch.jpgIron Grunge has launched! Iron Grunge is actually two new products from Iron Grunge Font Family and the Iron Grunge 40 Photoshop Brushes. These products were created from the same grunge source and are designed to work together!

Iron Grunge Font Family Details: This font family is firmly based in the past with a modern sensibility. Iron Grunge is a bold, powerful, slab, serif font. If your design calls for grunge fonts but you want to avoid the problem where repeated letters have the exact same grunge application, then Iron Grunge is for you. What makes Iron Grunge special is styles ONE & TWO. You can easily mix these two fonts in your design for varied grunge look. This font family also includes a smooth version for those times when you want no grunge or want to apply your own grunge.

Iron Grunge 40 Photoshop Brushes Details: Grunge textures work perfect, bringing a strong rouged aged look to your designs. It can be used to accent your design or use in a subtle way to create interesting textures. Brushes compatible with Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, Photoshop Elements 2 and newer, GIMP 2.2.6+.

4 new Iron Grunge Tutorials Now Available

on January 25, 2010

720-P.jpgThere are four new tutorial now available in support of our new Iron Grunge Font Family and Iron 40 Photoshop Brushes products to be released Tuesday January 26, 2010. The videos are produced in HD 720P so that you can see lots of detail if you want. The videos can be view right here at, and

These tutorials work as a great way to learn about the products capabilities before you buy and help in getting the most from them once you do.

Iron Grunge will be available Tuesday January 26, 2010 for a special limited time discount. The discount is available to members. Membership is FREE! Make sure you sign up today so that you'll receive the special discount. You can signup here!

Zombie Stout Shows Iron Grunge Font In Action

on January 21, 2010

Zombie-Stout-Iron-Grunge-font-sample.jpgI've been very busy putting  together samples of our new Iron Grunge Font & Brushes in use. This is one of my favorite parts of making a new product. I wanted to share my favorite sample so far. How about a cold bottle of Zombie Stout? And check out that logo created with Iron Grunge One & Two.

Iron Grunge will be available very soon for a special limited time discount. The discount will be only for members. Make sure you sign up today so that you'll receive the special details. You can signup here!

Iron Grunge Fonts & Brushes Special Members Discount Coming Soon

on January 20, 2010

Coming soon to a desktop near you, Iron Grunge! We’re just wrapping up a few details before the release of our newest products: the Iron Grunge Font Family and the Iron Grunge 40 Photoshop Brushes. These new product have been a real labor of love in the works since before the launch of Now we are only a few days away. You can preview the new products by checking out the product galleries below (try the full screen view to see all the grungy details).

When we launch Iron Grunge there will be a very special limited time discount only provided to members. If you are not a member make sure you sign up today so that you will receive the offer details. You can signup here!

Creating Photoshop Directly From John Knoll

on January 18, 2010

Below is a cool video of John Knoll talking about the early development of Photoshop. It’s fun to her the story of the creation of Photoshop from one of it's creators. I still remember when I first heard of Photoshop. I saw the box for version 1.0 on the shelf of a company that did high-end image and design color correction as well as image manipulation. I was like "Hey what’s that?" Not long after that I got my hands on my own copy when it came bundled with a gray scale Apple scanner that my employer at the time had purchased. I was addicted from hello.

Check Our Product Catalogs Via Issue

on January 14, 2010

You may have not noticed the Product Catalog available for preview before you buy our newer products. You can preview these catalogues easily right in your web browser thanks to a great online service called Issuu. Each product has a link to the catalog preview or you can see our bookshelf below with links to out catalogues.

Mini Review of Kelby's "Photo Recipes Live" Book

on January 09, 2010

Photo-recipes-live.jpgI just received my copy of Scott Kelby's new book "Photo Recipes Live - Behind the Scenes". This is not a true book review as I have not had a chance to get very far into the book and videos but I did want to comment on what I have found so far:

  • First this book/dvd seems to be more for the beginner/intermediate DSLR user. I think most experienced pros will know most of this stuff.
  • Second the book is thin but when complimented with the video tutorial there's a nice amount of info.
  • Third, the included DVD is not for play on your TV, it's for use on a computer. The upside is if you have an ipod you can download the videos and watch them on the go. Or how about having them as handy reference while you are actually shooting. Now that’s a cool idea.

I'll comment again once I've had a chance to try out some of the behind the scenes lessons.

Wondering what PhotoshopIsland has to do with this book? I like to use actual images when I create brushes or other Photoshop design elements so getting a good image matters.

63 Must Have Grunge Fonts + 1

on January 08, 2010

This is a very cool list from the Outlaw Design Blog. I found it while doing research on my very soon to be released grunge font. I was not researching styles, as that was determined several months. I was researching names for my new creation. I’ve settled on a name but I’ll save that for a future blog post. Make sure you sign up as member so that you will be notified when this new creation is available. And when you sign up you’ll get access to the members free stuff right away plus a 10% off discount code for any purchases!

For now enjoy all these great fonts!

Need A Cool Grunge Font?

on January 05, 2010

grunge-demo.jpgA new grunge font will be available soon! I created this font as a compliment to our 72 Distressed Paper Photoshop Brushes Volume 1 product. With countless hours invested over the holidays we're making nice progress. This will actually be a set of 3 fonts designed to work together to help create unique grunge designs. Check out the sample below. This will be available for commercial use at a price that's less expensive than similar fonts or font packages. Send any comments or thoughts you have. Check out our other Photoshop products too!

To be informed when new products are available make sure to sign up to the members news here.

The Smashing Book Unbox

on January 04, 2010

I was excited to receive The Smashing Book - User Interface Design in Modern Web Applications. This is the first book from the excellent Smashing Web site. I have not had a chance to read the book but I'm impressed with the production quality and have already absorbed several interesting web design tips just by skimming the book.

31 Apple Beautiful Inspired Photoshop Tutorials

on January 04, 2010

Want to recreate the iPhone, Macbook, some Apple icons or wallpapers? If you're an Apple fanboy (or girl) then this is a perfect combination of Photoshop and Apple. Plus you'll gain some new Photoshop skills. Check out this useful list of tutorials from 1st webdesigner.

Cool Postage Stamp Tutorial

on December 31, 2009

I found a great tutorial on dawghouse design studios today. Check it out. I love postage stamps. If you want to shortcut a few steps check out my Photoshop postage stamps brush set. If you don't want to buy try out the free demo.

2 Ways To FREE PhotoshopIsland Stuff

on December 26, 2009

more-Photoshop-freebies.jpgIf you have not signed up to our email list you should consider it. Besides our FREEBIES that are available to all visitors we now have special MEMBERS ONLY FREEBIES. You can only access these items through a special login for members. If you want an idea as to what sort of Photoshop FREEBIES you’ll find check out the previews at the bottom of the sign up page.

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Your welcome email will contain the special login info for the Members Only Freebies & the special Members Only Discount Code.

NEW FREEBIE: Stars & Swirls Easy Holiday Template

on December 20, 2009

You can spread holiday joy to your friends, family, or customers with a personalized holiday card from you! Try out this alternate version sample of our Holiday Card Photoshop Templates Volume 1 Easy for FREE. You can order prints, send out digitally or post on your favorite image sharing site. The standard license applies.



Mpix Offers 10% Discount On Orders of 4 x 8 Prints

on December 03, 2009

Mpix-discount.jpgThe great people at Mpix have provided me with a special discount code for orders of 4”x8” prints. This size is perfect for holiday cards and work perfectly with our Holiday Card Set Volume 1. This is the product I used for my holiday cards (but did not get this nice discount).

If you already have your 4”x8” print art ready to go just head over to and place your order. If you need art for your prints make sure you check out the Holiday Card templates. They are easy and fast to use. You should also check out the 4”x8” templates available at If you need instructions on adding your image to our Holiday template check out our tutorials.

Here’s the details on the offer...

Promo code:   psisland
10% off 4x8 prints w/ envelopes
One-time use
Expires Jan 1st

More about Mpix... their simple Website and software let anyone create professional quality prints, press products, greeting cards, books, and more. And when your prints are ready Mpix will ship them fast! Order now and make sure you get your holiday cards out to your friends and family.