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Photoshop 20th Anniversary Video

on February 24, 2010

Photoshop-20th-anniversay-video.jpgWe at did not make it to the actual event but we did not miss the the live stream from San Francisco February 18th. As I was watching I was wishing and hoping that the powers that be would post this video online for those who missed it and those who wanted to watch again. It’s two hours of Photoshop, wall to wall Photoshop. We here at PSI have been to several Photoshop Worlds but this event looked over the top even by those standards even in streamed video form.

What is there to see? Well there’s lots of interesting Photoshop history mixed with some fun tips and tricks. The comparisons between Photoshop 1.o and CS4 is fun and historical at the same time. Wow have we come along ways but all the basics here there in 1.0.

The don’t miss is Russell Brown's silly but super cool overhead presentation. Looks like he had a little help with some very talented After Effects artists.
Watch it here. Have fun!