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New Product: Polaroid Transfer Layered Photoshop Templates

on March 14, 2012

This set of Polaroid Transfers Layered Photoshop Templates let you to create an interesting look for your images easily. Instead of a random approach of a real Polaroid Transfer you have complete control over how much texture and grunge your images have. Additionally you can control the Polaroid grunge edge color. Each template has two grunge edges to work with. And like traditional Polaroid transfers you have the option of adding a water color paper texture to your image. These templates were created with real Fuji and expired Polaroid instant film to ensure a realistic look and feel.


What's in the package:
  • EASY TO USE - Just add your own high quality photo OR go crazy and change it up - LAYERS INCLUDED!
  • 6 designs delivered in 2 size equals 12 layered Photoshop files that are easy to use and flexible so you can easily customize.
  • Easily rotate to change the orientation so you can work with vertical and horizontal images.
  • Use the optional texture overlays to give your photos a textured surface look
  • These templates work great for prints, canvases, and albums or show off your favorite images on your website. The killer results will blow your clients away.
  • Files 8" x 10" (2400 x 3000 pixels) & 16" x 20" (4800 x 6000 pixels) at 300 pixels per inch - means high quality prints.
  • A set of 27 unique high resolution matching Photoshop brushes make it easy to customize these templates into your own custom creation!

Get all the details on the Polaroid Transfer Layered Photoshop Templates product page.