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I use Adobe Lightroom too !

on May 28, 2011

I had an interesting question on the PhotoshopIsland Facebook fan page (you don’t “Like “ me on Facebook? You can do that right here). I wanted to share that Q & A here in the Island Journal.

The question, “I was curious if you used Photoshop Lightroom much?”

I do use Lightroom. I'm a Photoshop expert so sometimes Lightroom feels a little like my hands are tied BUT… if you shoot RAW format (I do and love it) the image adjustment controls seem easier and more robust than the camera RAW in Photoshop. Plus I like using Lightroom to keep my images organized, for batch exporting and sending to the web etc.

So my approach is to store images in Lightroom and use it for basic camera RAW type image edits. The basic controls I use the most are: Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, Brightness, Contrast, Clarity and Vibrance. Lightroom also has some powerful noise control options. Once I’m done tweaking I move into Photoshop for the heavy lifting or creativity when the situation demands it.

Many of the controls in Lightroom work the same as Photoshop. I’ve noticed that I’m using more Layer Adjustments in Photoshop than I used to. I think this is because I liked what those adjustments were doing in Lightroom.

I’m not sure if my approach is common. There are many pages of Photoshop User magazine dedicated to Lightroom which leads me to believe that many Photoshop Users are using Lightroom too. I suppose it might make sense to create a version of Photoshop that rolls all of Lightroom’s features into it but the truth is the main missing feature seems to be the image organization and image sharing (setting aside that Lightroom makes editing RAW images easier than Photoshop - the RAW edit features are in Photoshop).

For now I’ll be using both Lightroom and Photoshop in my workflow but I’m open to something different or new if it’s better and easier.