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Canon Digital SLR Repair & Upgrade Unbox

on March 16, 2011

Although I've owned several Canon cameras over several years I just recently needed to send one in for repair. My 5D Mark II began showing an error message to the point where it became impossible to use. So I found the Canon repair options on the canon website (not exactly an easy task) . I placed my repair order and shipped my 5D (I love this camera so it was hard to do but she was sick and had to go - this is the camera I used to shoot all the 50 Grunge Metal & Rust Textures High Resolution Images). I sent the repair to Canon's California location so my experience was with them. There are three location options in the U.S. that you choose from when completing the online repair form.

I received email confirmation that Canon received my 5D. At this point I got to wondering if, while they had my camera, if they could add the new mode lock upgrade. So I gave them a call. They were super nice and added the mode lock upgrade to my repair order (for a fee of course). A few days later my repaired and upgraded camera returned home.

The video below is the unbox of my returned 5D Mark II from Canon. I thought this would be of interest to anyone who might be considering the mode lock upgrade or sending their camera to Canon for repair.